Scalable Pricing

EHS SmartStart pricing is an annual fee. Determine how many users you need, and grow your system accordingly.

All of our user-priced systems come fully-featured, so you don't miss out on any functionality.

EHS SmartStart Includes:

  • Configuration: Users, Organisational Structure, Categorisation options for Findings, Actions and Incidents plus any pre-existing checklists.
  • Data Upload: Importing existing data.
  • Installation. Hosted on secure Rackspace servers.
  • Training. "Train-the-trainer".
  • Uptime Guarantee. Includes uptime guarantee and software upgrades.
  • Support. Online customer care system.

We also understand that sometimes a Fully Customised/Bespoke tailored EHS Management software solution is required. This can be provided in a swift, low risk, cost effective manner using the power of our software platform. Contact us for details.